The Greatness of Liszt and Beethoven

Artist: Marcela Fiorillo

Beethoven 32 Piano Sonatas form a cosmic whole, which Hans Von Bulow called The New Testament of Music, being the Old Testament Bach’s 48 Preludes and Fugues.
Liszt said: “Art is a heaven in earth, to which one never appeals in vain when faced with the oppressions of the world”
This Cd brings four of the deepest works of these composers who gave majestic Music and Greatness as part of their legacy to the Humankind.

Recorded live in Australia 2006.
Mix and mastering in Argentina.
Second edition 2012.

Listen on youtube: Franz Liszt Ballade No.2 in B minor

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“Having already enjoyed the brilliant playing of Argentine-born pianist Marcela Fiorillo, in the tango music of her own country, I had looked forward to hearing her performing in the standard European repertoire, and this Canberra recital afforded that opportunity. I was not disappointed. The first half of Fiorillo’s program was devoted to three major woks for solo piano by Liszt, starting with his heroic elegy Funerailles, a powerful work which opens with the clanging of tolling bells, which in turn lead to a sombre funeral march. It received an arresting performance, the highly demanding middle section, with its rolling octaves in the bass, thrown off with great assurance.

The warm poetic expression of the Sonetto 104 del Petrarca was quite beautifully captured, while the Ballade N2 was accomplished with bravura playing that was as impressive as it was satisfying. This was pianism of notable quality. It was the finest Liszt playing I have enjoyed since those notable programs presented in Canberra more than two decades ago by Geoffrey Tozer. The second half of the program brought an equally fine realization of one of Beethoven most expressively powerful works. This was a recital of notable pianism and rewarding musicality.”

( W.L.Hoffmann – The Canberra Times – Australia- 2006 )