CLASICOS ARGENTINOS – A Lecture at the Piano

ANU School of Music presents:


A lecture at the piano by Marcela Fiorillo.

“To compose, in my opinion, is to create an architecture...In music, this architecture unfolds in time...When time has past, when the work has unfolded, a sense of inner perfection survives in the spirit. Only then can one say that the composer has succeeded in creating that architecture."
( Alberto Ginastera)

Argentine is a country with a rich history and immigration background, which gave birth to different valuable aspects of its Culture. As diverse is its landscape from North to South, so it is its Culture and Music – with profusion of diversity in genres, rhythms, textures and forms-.

“Clásicos Argentinos” is an introduction to the most relevant centuries – XIX and XX – of Argentine Music through the piano work of its most representative composers.

The lecture is an illustrated journey along Argentine Music history and sound landscape, going from its aboriginal roots to the evolution and creation of composers who put into academic means and instrumental language rhythms, harmonies and elements coming from folk tradition of Argentina and Latinamerica. The jorney goes from composers who were the expression of the Nationalism upholding the gaucho as cultural symbol opposed to the culture fragmentation produced by European immigration such as Alberto Williams, Julián Aguirre or Alberto Ginastera; to those who absorbed the influence of European and other foreign trends and styles such as Ginastera, Astor Piazzolla, AntonioTauriello, Carlos Guastavino, Roberto García Morillo, Roberto Caamaño, J. Carlos Zorzi, Saenz , López de la Rosa and so many others.

27 July.
Larry Sitsky Room.
School of Music
ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Canberra, Australia