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The Canberra Times, Page 2


The Canberra Times, 2011.
by Jennifer Gall.
Marcela Fiorillo approach the work with reverence and assurance. This lucid interpretation was sustained in the Adagio Cantabile , creating a true tranquility before the Rondo-Allegro. Fiorillo’s expertise in managing definition between dynamics kept the light and shade balanced with the physical energy of the final movement.

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Celebration of Cellist’s return to the stage

The Canberra Times, 2009.
by W.L.Hoffmann.
This duo-recital would have been a memorable musical event just for its wide program content and the expressive power of the performance. Another gem of the program was Fiorillo’s exceedingly fine and assured solo playing of the fourth sonata of Skryabin.

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The Canberra Times
February 10, 2009.
by W.L.Hoffmann.
Llulled by a little bit of Latin Love!
The brilliant Argentinean pianist Marcela Fiorillo has a deep understanding of the expressive idioms and distinctive rhythmic shadings of piano music of Latin America and Spain.

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