ARGENTINE MUSIC: Genres, Rhythms and Origins

The Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies and the Embassy of the Argentine Republic present:

Genres, Rhythms and Origins

A lecture at the piano by Marcela Fiorillo, Argentine pianist.

Argentina is a country with a rich history and a background of immigration which has given rise to many different aspects of its culture. Its culture and music – with a profusion of genres, rhythms, textures and pitches – is as diverse as its landscape. This lecture is a journey through Argentine music history, from its aboriginal roots to composers such as Ginastera, Piazzolla, Tauriello, Guastavino, Williams and many others. It is a voyage through traditional dances and folk rhythms - from the aboriginal “quena” to symphonic language; from composers who were the expression of Argentina’s early nationalism to Piazzolla and his New Tango revolution.

6.30 – 8 pm. 7 June, 2012.
Manning Clark Theatre 2.
School of Politics & International Relations
ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences
Camberra, Australia